What does photography mean to us?

Photographers. Makeup Artists. Period Hair Stylist. Graphic Designer. Seamstress. Husband and Wife Team. Artists.

WE ARE IMAGE MAKERS and HISTORIANS! Some people are image takers, they see a moment and they snap the photo and boom… we are image makers, we see several moments, whole stories, lives and we create a total picture from many elements.

Photography has been in our families ever since we can remember. My Father was the photographer for the Air Force; my Mum was a photographic hobbyists. I, Michele, took my first photograph at the age of 4.

Growing up, when most were playing with dolls or having pretend tea parties, my Mum would pick up her camera and say “let go shoot some photos”… I watched her get those perfect shots and dreamed of my first camera.  Then I got one… and I’ve never stopped snapping.  Mum, Dad and I still talk photography often… they are an endless pool of inspiration and knowledge!

My husband began his artistic career as soon as he could hold a pencil. His parents were always supportive of his endeavors which lead him to being the most creative and compassionate person I have ever met. He has been a graphic designer since 2003 and is the “magic” in Rees & Rees Photography!

We met in makeup school, fell in love and have been a dynamic team ever since.

It’s normal to be nervous in front of the camera. You can trust Rees & Rees Photography to offer you a fun professional environment … your pictures will be enchanting!

When asked what we like to photograph… our answer is a two part answer: life and magic, a life that is yours alone and the magic of that life.

Our goal is to create beautiful imagery that will capture you, your family and preserve your legacy. We are not here to judge, we are simply observers and here to make sure your milestones are available to pass down for generations to come. Adding a little magic, fantasy and enhancing that moment is where our images rise above others.

Welcome to Rees & Rees Photography! We look forward to photographing YOUR life.

Offering: Maternity. Newborn. Family.  Pets.  Photo touch ups.  Photo Restoration.  Photo Enhancing.

Servicing:  We are located in Belleville, Ontario Canada. Cobourg.  Brighton.  Trenton.  Prince Edward County.  Belleville.  Napanee.  Kingston

* Locations outside of this radius up to 3 hrs drive total will pay a location charge of $100

* Locations exceeding this distance pay by km + shelter and cost of living

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