A Three Month Milestone with Scottlynn

Hi Everyone

Recently we did a sweet little session with a little girl named Scottlynn. She was such a sweet little princess and just absolutely fascinated with her tongue! A happy as pie baby so we sat her in a sweet little Bushel apple basket while the sun shone down on us and warmed our hearts. What a truly lovely day it was and we hope you enjoy these moments captured with Rees & Rees Photography!

New Room on the way…

Hi Everyone

I have been so very busy lately getting our new Boudoir created but things are moving in the right directions. Just like anything else, there is always something that you are waiting on before you can move to the next step… in our case it is the carpet and the RAIN… it just won’t stop raining it seems. LOL. We are trying to get some painting done on furniture etc but it seems ever day that we have available, Mother Nature does not cooperate.

We have sold one dresser and replaced it with a lovely white piece but I have had second thoughts about the selling the second dresser and have decided to possibly paint it myself… but in what why is the dilemma. Do I paint it solid one colour or two colours or white wash?

This is the before image… messy and just not a flattering colour on the walls. Oldest carpet of all time… been there since before we bought this beautiful home. When you are a photographer colour on the walls is a huge factor in your images as it reflects onto the skin. This colour is kind of yellowy brown… I am not sure how well you can see that on your monitor but it kind of throws a jaundice look on the model…makes for a lot of editing time in the end. The new soft grey colour is going to be gorgeous for Mum, Dad and Babies alike!

So the carpet was the first to go!

As you can see all the baseboards, trim and doors are all this very old wood… dull and dingy. I sanded, primed and painted all white to brighten everything up! And the walls are a lovely shade of light grey!

This image only shows the first coat on the wall… it is so very lovely now. This is just a teaser on what is going on here… the carpet will be here next week on Tuesday and I am working on painting the second dresser as we speak. There is so much more but as soon as we are done… I will be sharing the reveal… The carpet colour name is Polar Bear, how appropriate for me huh? LOL. If you don’t know why… I am also an award winning teddy bear artist and you can see my work at http://www.micheleseraphim.com

Hang in there… I can’t wait to share it with you all. It will be a beautiful room for Maternity and New Born photography and even Boudoir.

Have a great and creative day!


Catwalk Time Machine Photo Booth Success!

What a fabulous evening we had at the Catwalk Time Machine event that raised money to help the Three Oaks Women’s shelter build more housing! $26,000.00 was raised at the event! Why to go everyone!

We has such a fabulous time with our photo booth there and want to thank everyone who came to visit us there and shared their smiles!

Here is a link to our Facebook page where you can see a few sneak peeks of a few of our local celebrities.


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1940’s Session with Falcon Flyer

Hi Everyone

We hope you all had a wonderful New Year and are ready to start fresh and get creative this 2014.

We have been finishing up all the end of the year projects from 2013 and one of those was our 1940’s style shoot.

Our bike collector friend Ken M offered us this gorgeous Falcon Flyer to lend some more authenticity to the shoot and I think you will agree both model and bike are stunning! You have seen my beautiful muse T before and will again as she is just a stunning woman to work with and a very dear friend but this is the first debut of the bikes! I hope we will be able to show you some more of those over this coming year!

Thank you to both our friend for his beautiful bike and our very dear friend T for making this dream session come true!

Hair and Makeup by Rees&Rees Photography (Michele Rees) and clothing by a combination of myself and T.

All images are copyright protected by Rees&Rees Photography and may not be used for any purpose without our permission!

Have a wonderful day everyone and we welcome your comments!

Happy New Year ~ 2014

Hello All:

We just wanted to take a moment to stop in on this second to last day of 2013 to wish you all a very Happy Happy Happy New Year!

New lighting to help us see beautifully for the coming year and a new lens to help us see more clearly are the gifts received to end off this 2013th year.

Dreams of an indoor studio are swirling in our heads and plans for the coming spring sessions… Fairy tale themes and colours and preparations for props are what we will be pondering over the next few cold months!

We wish you all health, much laughter and a safe and joyful beginning to your New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing you in front of the lens in the coming year!

Keep Smilin’

Michele and Jase Rees

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