Playing Cinderella

Today was a day of reflection…

I always find that cleaning house is a great way to reflect ; I often find it inspiring and am given a sense of new insight. Today we not only cleaned the art studio but also moved furniture around, put some items up for sale and purchased a new couch which will arrive in a week and a half. Moving furniture and rearranging your living space can be refreshing especially when the cold wind begins to blow and you are not able to get out as often to be motivated by the beauty of spring and summer flowers and the warmth of the sun.

We also prepared a sort of library space today with a comfortable chair centered among all our favorite tales of lore, fairytales and magical novels. Throughout the winter this space will be an area where we can go and relax, read our favorite tales and begin preparations for the spring of 2014 photo shoots based on magical tales. Preparations will include sewing accessories for our models to wear as well as making lists to organize what will be needed for a certain image pertaining to a certain tale. It is a really wonderful time for us; a quiet time of consideration which builds excitement for the coming New Year.

We will be offering sessions in 2014 for women to be a part of these images so keep following our blog and Facebook page and be the first to know when we are in search of our next star, princess or villainess . It will be a very exciting winter and we are already making reading lists to keep us occupied for the cold season.

No pictures today but soon…

Keep smilin’…

Michele and Jase Rees

Remembrance Day Facebook Cover Photo

Hi Everyone

We have created a little gift for you all to share on your own Facebook Pages to show respect and remembrance for our fallen soldiers. This Remembrance Day please use and share this photo to your pages! Lest We Forget!

Please share this Cover Photo to your Facebook pages! It is our gift to you!

Please share this Cover Photo to your Facebook pages! It is our gift to you!


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Keep Smilin’

Not just a pretty camera

Hi everyone

We just wanted to share with you what you get when you book a session with Rees&Rees Photography…

We’re not just a pretty camera! Jase and I have a lot to offer you and we love doing that! We want your experiences with Rees&Rees Photography to be beyond what you expect from any photography team. When you book a session with us you will receive the full VIP treatment.. if you want it that is. We give you the option of full hair and makeup and always have beautiful items of clothing and props put aside for you to make your session with us extra special. If you want to bring your own items and clothing we also encourage you to do so. If you wish to do your own hair or makeup or both that is fine also but what you need to know is that we are here to help. I, (Michele) am a certified hair stylist (since 1986) and was the head of the hair dept at one of Toronto’s top International Makeup Schools for several years as well as working in top Toronto salons. We (Jase and Michele) also worked in the film industry creating wonderful special FX makeups, theatre industry working with children of all ages and ran our own company “Dead Sexy Makeup” for many years offering the services indicated in the name… Dead or Sexy makeup! We have worked with the famous as well as the not so famous and are well versed in etiquette and making you feel like and KNOW that you’re just as special as Brad or Angie… need we say more!

Recently we were contacted by a beautiful model who was interested in doing a session with us, and after several communications back and forth she suddenly wrote to say she wanted to cancel her session. A bit confused I went through all our emails back and forth again to see if there was some indication that might lead me to know why this happened. Upon deeper reflection it occurred to me that maybe she was unable to supply her own clothing or maybe she was unable to shoot on the date we had agreed upon? So I wrote her back and explained that we would be happy to change the date or supply clothing for her shoot but we did not want her to cancel as we just knew that together we could make magic happen with her images!

In the end… she did shoot with us and we did her hair, makeup and styling. She was an absolutely stunning woman and fabulously professional to work with! She arrived with a suitcase of clothing she had and we with a garment and beach bag filled to the top with accessories and clothing. We spent time trying on outfits and seeing what would be fun to work with. Then after the hair, makeup and wardrobe choices were made we whisked this beauty off to our breathtaking location and here my friends are the results! I hope you will agree that they are outstanding!

Thank you to the very beautiful and talented Julie who was nothing less than outstanding to work with! We cannot wait to create an art piece from some of these images!

A beautiful image captured... makes you wonder what secrets she has to tell doesn

A beautiful image captured… makes you wonder what secrets she has to tell doesn’t it?


Doesn’t she look like she is looking back at the prince in hopes of catching one last glimpse before the clock strikes midnight?

Honestly folks... I think this one deserves a round of applause! Not for us but for Julie! If you only knew just how cold it was the day we shot and this was right at the end of the day! Bravo my beauty!

Honestly folks… I think this one deserves a round of applause! Not for us but for Julie! If you only knew just how cold it was the day we shot and this was right at the end of the day! Bravo my beauty!

First Blog Post

Rees & Rees Photography would like to welcome you to our BLOG!

And what a way to begin but with a special announcement about a very special new decision that Jase and I have made about the way things are going to work here at Rees & Rees…

As of today when you book with Rees & Rees Photography there is NO RISK! If you book with us you will NEVER pay a penny upfront for you session. You book, we meet, we have a great time together making pictures. Then we edit your images and load them into a password protected gallery. You decided then if you want to pay us our session fee and purchase your images or we part our separate ways… NO RISK!

Of course we are pretty darn sure you are going to be happy with your images and really darn sure you are going to be happy with us so it’s NO RISK to us either. Everything is on the up and up so to speak. We are confident in our work and therefore want to offer you this service so you feel confident to try us as your photographers of choice! You can read more about this by visiting our website and SESSION DETAILS page!

Be back soon with more great stuff! WELCOME TO REES & REES PHOTOGRAPHY!

B o u d i o r
P i n t e r e s t